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ODM Cosmetics

For companies who want to make original cosmetics, we can help you from product planning to manufacturing.
We also support sales promotions and export of your products.

We can help you from planning to manufacture of original cosmetics.
We propose products that meet customers' needs.
Don't have product ideas? We help you from product planning.
We also support sales promotions and import/export.

ODM Manufacturing Flow

Meeting & Planning

- Hearing details and request from client
- Planning and proposal of products that meet your requirements

Formula Development

- Develop original formulas that meet customer needs
- Producing test batch. We also carry out improvement until you are satisfied.

Quotation & Packaging

- Designing packages according to the concept and target.
- Quotation of the cost

Documentation & Order

- Agreement and legal documentation

- Order confirmation

Production & Delivery

- Final production at partner factories in Japan
- Delivery to the designated location.

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